Social Media

At Liberty Performance Marketing, we are experts in understanding what Social Media will and won’t do for your business. We know that when the power of social media is harnessed correctly it can produce truly outstanding results.

Think about it. As recently as January 2016, Facebook was quoted as having 1.591 billion monthly active users. Twitter has over 320 Million active users, who send out an average of over 300 Million tweets each and every day.

Impressive as they are, and if harnessed correctly both these platforms have massive marketing potential for your business.

Of course, these are two of the heavyweights in the industry. Don’t forget there are many, many others out there that also carry huge amounts of weight.

While each platform tends to go about their business a little differently from the next, It’s worth remembering that they all reach out to potential ready to spend customers and users of your goods and services.

Making it easy for users to share, like, tweet and plus one just about anything has become an integral strategy for the heads at Facebook, Google, Instagram and Twitter.

Perhaps the next question should be to think about just how much your business could benefit from this kind of exposure.

It’s a great way to:

Stay connected with your current and potential customers

Promote your business

Build brand awareness


Create buzz

Our specific set of processes attracts the right customers for your business


Utilise our propensity modelling formula to isolate your ideal target audience


Multivariate split test your messaging and imagery to identify buying triggers


Split test landing page design to capture your prospect’s contact details


Kick start your online or offline lead nurturing process to make the sale

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